zondag 11 november 2012

This is my home now: een documentaire van Saddie Choua


"Saddie Choua’s new documentary "This is my home now", produced by the EWL [European Women's Lobby] and the European Network of Migrant Women is now out on DVD.

Saddie Choua’s latest film follows the stories of three women of migrant background living in  Europe. While struggling for their equal rights, these women, like so many others, enrich their host communities in myriad ways. Anna is a gender researcher and poet of Russian background who owns a hotel in Lefkara, Cyprus. Dil from Sri Lanka is a successful stand-up comedian, journalist and radio host as well as an active voice for equality and the rights of migrants and queers in Ireland. Sophie from Tunisia runs a beauty salon and social institute in Marseille, France, an empowering meeting place for women from different backgrounds. The stories of Anna, Dil and Sophie break from stereotypes of migrant women and give a face and a voice to the increasing number of women of migrant background in Europe, rarely seen or heard.
Watch the trailer here. You can order the DVD by filling in the order form below and returning it to the EWL. If you plan on organising a screening, please inform us! (press kit and posters are available upon request)."

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