zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

One Hour Mama

I've always heard that haste makes waste / So I believe in takin' my time / The highest mountain can't be raced / It's something you must slowly climb / I want a slow and easy man / He needn't ever take the lead / 'Cause I work on that long-time plan / And I ain't a-lookin' for no speed

I'm a one hour mama / So no one minute papa / Ain't the kind of man for me / Set your alarm clock papa / One hour, that's proper / Then love me like I like to be

I don't want no lame excuses / 'Bout my lovin' bein' so good / That you couldn't wait no longer / Now I hope I'm understood


I can't stand no greenhorn lover / Like a rookie goin' to war / With a load of big artillery / But don't know what it's for

He's got to bring me a reference / With a great long pedigree / And must prove he's got endurance / Or he don't mean that to me

I don't like no crowin' rooster / What just kicks a lick or two / Action is the only booster / Of just what my man can do

I don't want no imitation / My requirements ain't no joke / 'Cause I've got pure indignation / For a guy what's lost his stroke


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