woensdag 6 februari 2013

"The Aesthetic as a Site of Feminist Resistance": Call for Papers

"Despite its manifold permutations, all feminist philosophy is bound by the general principle that the distinction between politics and philosophical thought ought to be troubled. Despite this principle, feminist philosophical aesthetics is still regarded with suspicion, or even, as an impossible undertaking. In her appraisal of the field, Ewa Ziarek outlines this impasse. She notes that for some, the tradition of Western aesthetics appears to undermine the political or ethical emphasis of feminism; while for others, a feminist treatment of philosophical aesthetics may represent the inappropriate instrumentalization of artistic practice or experience.

And yet, as that which is concerned with perception, sensation and affect, philosophical aesthetics presents fruitful opening for feminist thought. Artistic expression is intimately tied to the politics of embodiment or, the power to appear and to speak. Artistic experience may open seams of perception, express a suppressed alterity or introduce a radical possibility. These topics are already themes of central consideration for feminist phenomenology, feminist psychoanalytic theory, feminist postcolonial theory, and feminist philosophies of race.

Accordingly, we encourage the submission of new work that gestures beyond the critique of feminist aesthetics to creatively negotiate or traverse the borders of feminist philosophy and art—broadly construed. We invite abstracts or essays contemplating the intersections between gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity, or ability, and the artistic production or experience of forms including but not limited to:

· Dance
· Performance art
· Music
· Visual art
· Installation art
· Moving image art including film, video and other new medias
· Poetry
· Literature
· Graffiti

Please submit a) an extended abstract or b) a completed paper of approximately 8000 words with a 100 word abstract to: feministaesthetics@gmail.com
All submissions should be in MS Word format. The submission of images where appropriate, is also welcome.

The deadline for submission is June 1, 2013. Please send inquiries to: sarah.tyson@ucdenver.edu, summer.renault-steele@villanova.edu "

Door Marc Van den Bossche

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