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Interuniversity Gender Research Seminar - May 2013 - UGent-VUB-Universiteit Antwerpen

UGent Doctoral School of Arts, Humanities & Law.

Organizing Committee:
Ghent University: Prof. Dr. Chia Longman, Dr. Julie Carlier, Dr. Griet Roets, Dra. Nella van den Brandt

Vrije Universiteit Brussel: Prof. Dr. Gily Coene, Prof. Dr. Karen Celis

Universiteit Antwerpen: Prof. Henk de Smaele, Prof. Petra Meier

Target group:
Having an interdisciplinary focus, since 2010, this yearly course is on offer to PhD students from the Doctoral School of Arts, Humanities and that of Social and Behavioral Sciences and other faculties at Ghent University. The course is also open to PhD students outside of UGent who on completion can receive a ‘proof of successful participation’, which can be recognized by their home PhD programme. MA students can also apply for registration on an individual basis and receive ‘proof of successful participation’. In 2012--‐2013, the course is organized as an interuniversity 2‐day initiative with UGent, VUB, Universiteit Antwerpen

Specialized course for junior and more advanced PhD students and advanced MA students

Co-ordination: Prof. Dr. Chia Longman, Prof. Dr. Gily Coene, Dr. Julie Carlier, Dra. Nella van den Brandt, Dr. Griet Roets

Guest‐Lecturers: Carolyn Pedwell (Newcastle University, UK), Paola Bacchetta (UC Berkeley, USA), Lisa Baraitser (Birbeck, University of London UK), Adriaan van Klinken (Leeds University, UK).

Key words:
Gender studies, critical theory, feminist theory, diversity, cultural studies, sexuality, equality, ethnicity, postcolonial theory, and empowerment

This yearly interdisciplinary intensive course provides Doctoral and advanced Master students whose research is situated in or related to the field of Gender and/or Diversity Studies in-depth and advanced training in contemporary Gender Studies and theory and methodology in related fields, such as Sexuality Studies, Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Studies, etc., next to general scholarly skills such as reading, writing, discussing and presenting. The course is not limited to issues of gender alone, but aims to attract students broadly interested in subjectivity, identity, diversity and agency and questions of (in)equality and power in society and culture from a critical research perspective. Each year has a specific focus, drawing on different debates and course material.

More information:
For more information on the program and registration see the course website -

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