zaterdag 14 juli 2012

Virtual Issue: Hypatia Essays on the Place of Women in the Profession of Philosophy

"This virtual issue brings together essays published by Hypatia over a twenty year timespan that address the question of women’s place in the profession of philosophy. It includes essays about women in the history of philosophy, empirical studies of the representation of women at various career stages in careers in philosophy, analytical essays about why women, including specifically women of color, are not reaching parity with white men in the profession, and essays and reports about what women are doing to change the representation of women in philosophy. The issue highlights the efforts that women have made through the centuries and in the pages of this Journal to demand a place for women as philosophers."
- I. Women in Philosophy in Historical Perspective
- II. Contemporary Analysis of Gender Exclusion
- III. Analysis of Race and Gender Exclusion
- IV. Positive Proposals for Change: What We Are Doing About It

Zeker en vast de moeite waard! Voor een meer uitgebreide inleiding en informatie over de artikels, zie: Introduction

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